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The importance of SEO

Why is SEO important?

Nowadays it is usual that almost everyone ‘googles’ a lot of things and uses different search engins to get for example a short overview about a topic as I know from my own experiences as a student.Other reasons for useing search engins is to get the current news or the new offers of an onlineshop and so on. Just think about your own behaviour.

To sum up: People want to inform themselfes within a few seconds!

They don’t want to search too long for a topic maybe they wouldn’t even have enought time for that. Have you ever visit more than the first two or at most three pages on google when you are looking for an helpfull link? I don’t think so, probably you have rather changes or spezified your keywords to get better results. Don’t you?

So if you want that people notice your website, the primary step is that you have to be on the first pages in an search engine. But how can you achieve this goal? SEO will help you 😉


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