Step1: topic, keywords

SEO Tutorial

the topic, target group and keywords

First of all you have to think about the topic which you will present and who you want to adress- the target group.In these case this are students, as the title already shows.

The first step is to choose a layout, which adresses the target group (here:students).

Afterwards it is necessary to try to behave as these target group and think about how to descripe the topic in a few words e.g. which words they would use to find the information they are looking for. These words are neccessary because people only use keywords to find a certain topic.

In this case it might me “SEO students tutorial seo for students”…

You should use these special words as often as possible (mainly in the beginning) in:

  • the title
  • headlines
  • the first 160-200 words
  • different tags

as you can see in the following picture

students-seo:example for keywords in title,url,text...











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