SEO Tutorial

When you want to create website you can use the following steps to make decisions.To illustrate this, we will take a closer look to the seo-students website.

Before we start explaining these steps, here a short overview about information search engins might choose to rank the sites:

  • title of a website
  • the first 160-200 words
  • metatags
  • description of a picture
  • backlinks

These points are included and explained more detailed in the SEO tutorial. Of course there are far more criteria for e.g. Google to rank a page propably more than 100.No one except the developer know these exactly. Because of experiance, observation or research many criteria go around in online forums,SEO books and on many websites. Some of them might be more or less relevant for improving your search result but I think it can’t hurt, to take a view.

You decide between on-page-optimization and off-page-optimization.

This are optimization measures directly on the webpage. Means modifications of the text or the structure of the code. (Tutorial Part1)

Are measures from the outside. (Tutorial Part2)


The tutorial includes

Part 1:

  1. topic, target group,keywords (step 1)
  2. keyword density +proximity (step 2)
  3. about HTML (step 3)
  4. head information (title-,meta-tags) (step 4)
  5. pictures(addition of alt tags) (step 5)
  6. page optimization (step 6)
  7. avoid spamming(step 7)
    Part 2:

  1. backlinks (step 1)
  2. useful domain(step 2)
  3. avoid duplicate content(step 3)

Start the turorial now


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