About seo tutorial students

Or rather about me

I am a student of business informatik. This is my first website. It is part of an online marketing projekt which sould demonstrate the following points to me:

  • how to build and design a website
  • how to optimize regarding SEO
  • it should show every neccessary step of online marketing

The reasons why I choose a SEO tutorial for students

(it is the same text as on the front page)

Of course this SEO tutorial is not only for students. There were some main reasons for choosing students as the target group.
Maybe even pupils or students have some ideas which they want to make public. Or for students it is normal to surf in the internet. They use it all day. So the idea to build an own website, blog or sth. else is not so wrong.
When I started to build this website, my problem was that you couldn’t google it with some keywords. And now I want to share in my experiances.
Secondly exactly that is one point during the website bulding process, that you choose a target group. These website should not only show a SEO tutorial it also should be an example for how to creat a website and use SEO.

(well… this was a real bad test if it is helpful to use the keywords “seo tutorial” and “students” in a context. Be careful by using your keywords too often again and again, google could think that you are spamming. This will lead to a lower ranking. )


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