students-seo logoStudents SEO tutorial: “Welcome to your SEO tutorial”

SEO tutorial students presents a SEO  tutorial primarily for students, as the title already indicates, but also for everyone else who wants to bring up a website. Just a few steps will bring you close to your own aim! Maybe even to the top ten of google.

I. Ways of getting internet users to visit your website

II. Why is SEO important?

III. SEO in a few words

IV. The reasons why I chose a SEO tutorial ‘for students’

I. Ways of getting internet users to visit your website

You have three different opportunities to achieve this:

  1. using the direkt URL e.g. “studentsseo.wordpress.com”
  2. using a hyperlink (that is a link from another- to your website)
  3. using keywords e.g. “students seo” and search engins as google, yahoo, bing

Ar first you will probably get the most visitors because of no.1 , for example when you tell your friends or  family about your webpage. But these only will  be a small number of visitors. For really getting people as a result of no.2, you need someone, who wants to create a link to your website. This might increase the number of visitors, at least if this page is popular.  Eventually the number is still not large enough, which shows the necessity of no.3:  People have to find your website by using search engins. This requires that your website can easily be  found through some keywords.

What is the connection to SEO?

II. Why is SEO important?

students-seo: examples for search engins (google, yahoo, bing)

Nowadays it is common that  everyone ‘googles’everything and uses various search engines to get for example:

  • a short overview about a topic (as I know from my own experiences as a student)
  • the current news
  • the new offers of an online shop

Just think of your own behaviour.

Remember: People want to inform themselfes within a few seconds!

It doesn’t matter whether they are students or business people – they don’t want to search for a topic too long.  Have you ever visit more than the first two or at most three pages on Google when you look for a helpful link? I don’t think so. Probably you rather change or specify your keywords in order to get better results, don’t you?

So, if you want people to notice your website, the primary step is that it has to be on the first pages in the search engine result. But how can you achieve this? SEO helps you. But what is SEO?

III. SEO in a few words

SEO means

    • Search engine optimization
    • a part of the online marketing
    • improving the ranking in search engines

To learn more, please read the SEO definition.

IV. The reasons why I chose a SEO tutorial “for students”

Of course this SEO tutorial is not for students only. However, there were some main reasons for choosing students as the target group.
First of all even pupils and students have some ideas, which they want to share online. In addition, for students it is common to surf on the Internet. They use it every day. So, the idea to create an own website, blog etc. seams obvious.

When I started to publish this website, I had difficulties in finding it through some keywords. Now I want to share my experiences with you.
Exactly that is one point of the website creation process – you have choose a target group. These website should not only show  a SEO tutorial, but also an example for creating a website and use SEO.

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